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Welcome to Calgary Epoxy Flooring! Our company is proud to offer its epoxy flooring services around Calgary, Alberta.

We work on residential, commercial, industrial, and even garage spaces. Yes, you read that right! If you want to turn the flooring of your garage into something cozy, stylish, and durable, we’re just right here to install epoxy coating!

Don’t hesitate to ring our line and ask us for some help with your flooring projects. Keep reading to know more about this service!

Our Garage Epoxy Flooring

Your garage could be one of the most trafficked areas of your property. When we say traffic, it means that it encounters tough and serious activities or jobs. 

A garage is probably where you spend your time doing your hobbies or finding time to rest. Regardless of how you use your garage, it’s important to know that it also needs attention.

This is why we, at Calgary Epoxy Flooring, are happy to tell you that we cater to garages. In fact, we recommend turning the flooring of your garage into epoxy flooring. But how do we install an epoxy coating on a garage?

We’ll tackle this so you know how we perform this operation and to ensure that we always do our best to provide a quality output.

Preparation of the Garage Floor

To install epoxy flooring, we start by inspecting and preparing the surface of the floor. This is essential for the floor to accept the new epoxy coating. We’ll remove dust particles and other foreign materials before doing anything else on the flooring of your garage.

Grinding, Shot Blasting and Scarifying

After that, we’ll perform grinding, shot blasting, and scarifying processes to create a rough surface. This rough surface is ideal to create a strong and better bonding with the mother floor.

Repairing of the Floor

Consequently, we need to patch and repair all the major cracks we’ll find on your floor before applying the first coating. 

Priming Coat Application

Then, the surface primer coat is applied to the floor. To ensure that the primer coats the floor deeply, we’ll fill all visible cracks and holes with epoxy after applying the primer coat. If relayering is still needed, we’ll send it and relayer it afterward.

Sealant Testing

We do sealant testing by applying a significant amount of water to the flor. If the water does not soak in, that means we can now apply an epoxy coating to it.

Epoxy Application

Our final stage includes applying an epoxy hardener mixed with an epoxy resin. We do this in multiple layers to ensure the durability of the flooring.

Curing Process

After it has been applied, we’ll cure your new epoxy floor at the required temperature. We’ll only begin the curing process when a chemical reaction starts with the epoxy.

We are not only limited to residential garages. If you also have a commercial garage that needs a flooring update, we can surely get the job done for you. As long as it’s a garage, small or large, we can coat it with epoxy to make it slip-resistant and even more durable for your daily needs.

Why Choose Us?

Superior Quality. We are so confident that our epoxy flooring is superior to all other types of epoxy flooring, we’re willing to back it up with a guarantee! Our flooring is so durable that you can use it in areas where people are on their feet all day long, such as your garage!

Excellent Customer Service. With our Epoxy Calgary flooring, we strive every day to give our customers the best possible experience they could have with our products and services. We know that it’s not enough just to sell something, we need to help people find solutions for their problems, too.

Trained Workers. On top of our epoxy Calgary flooring service, our trained workers are one of the most important assets of our business. That’s why we train our workers to ensure that they can do their job properly, so that you can receive the epoxy flooring service you deserve with no issues.

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At Calgary Epoxy Flooring, we understand that your garage is one of your biggest investments. We’re here to make sure your garage looks great, no matter the size or condition. 

Our team has years of experience working with everything from small residential garages to large commercial ones. We also offer high-quality epoxy products at an affordable price if you need them. 

Moreover, our services are always delivered on time and that’s guaranteed! 

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