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Welcome to Calgary Epoxy Flooring! We specialize in epoxy flooring services around Calgary. Our team is ready to visit your property and give you the estimate you need. Are you wondering what services we have? 

We’re glad you asked! If you have a residential property you want to transform to meet the demand of your family and add value, we recommend our epoxy flooring service.

One of our trusted services is residential epoxy flooring, which is ideal for homeowners like you who want to transform their houses for the better!

Our Residential Epoxy Flooring Service

Our residential epoxy flooring service caters to any house around Calgary, Alberta. If you have a property that needs a flooring update, this service is ideal for you. But what part of the house do we cater to? Well, our answer is any part of your home! Wherever you need a flooring makeover, we can do it for you!

But to give you a detailed idea, here are some of our residential epoxy flooring services.

Updating Bathroom and Kitchen

We understand that your bathroom is one of the greatest assets of your house. It’s also a place where slips and falls are prone to happen. If you’ll use ordinary tiles in your bathroom, it could pose danger to you and your family. 

That’s why we always recommend using epoxy flooring for your bathroom. Epoxy coating is slip-resistant and waterproof, perfect for wet and humid areas of your home. 

Another important part of your residential property is your kitchen. Like your bathroom, your kitchen is your home’s asset and needs immediate attention, especially when it looks outdated. An epoxy flooring can level up your kitchen with your own choice of design and style.

Aside from aesthetics, we also recommend epoxy flooring for your bathroom and kitchen because of some practical reasons.

Epoxy flooring is easy to maintain and has antibacterial properties, which is ideal to use in bathrooms and kitchens. It’s also durable and can withstand the demand of a busy room for the next one or two decades.

Epoxy coating is indeed a great flooring solution for bathrooms and kitchens.

Transforming a Living Room and Bedroom

Our Calgary Epoxy company doesn’t just stop there! We are also an expert in transforming your living room into a welcoming area and your bedroom for a nice rest! 

We understand that the first impression lasts and that’s why we want to help you give your living room the best shot before you invite visitors. We are here to collaborate with you on how you want your living room to look. You’ll have a grasp of our various designs and we’ll also give you recommendations on what’s ideal for your living room.

This is also the same for your bedrooms and other parts of your house. We’ll consult on the style or customization you prefer before starting the project. But regardless of the style, we can guarantee you a quality epoxy Calgary flooring installation.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Free Consultation

Once you are ready to transform your residential property to the flooring that you deserve, give us a call! You can expect a free consultation and quotation from us!

On-Site Visits

Our team is always ready to visit your residential property for inspection. We also need to see your property before we can give a rough estimate since we need to consider a few more factors. Through our visits, we can hand to you a more accurate and reasonable quotation. 

Quality Workmanship

Epoxy flooring is our expertise and we can guarantee you that we only use premium products. We also have the right equipment and a team of trained professionals whose expertise is in the installation and maintenance of epoxy flooring. 

We take pride in our work and we always make sure that we give an uncompromised quality to our clients.

Great Customer Service

Aside from our quality work, you can also expect approachable and prompt customer service on our end. If you have questions, our representatives are always on standby to give you the answers you need.

Partner With Us Today!

Now that we have the rundown of our residential epoxy flooring service, are you now ready to take a step closer to your new flooring?

Don’t forget to prepare your budget, property, and yourself as well before starting this project! What we can guarantee to you is that we can provide the support and expected outcome you have in your mind. 

We can start our partnership to transform your residential property today by calling or sending us a message! We can’t wait to start your dream flooring project for your home sweet home!

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